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My current research explores three themes in international economics: global value chains and firm production networks; firm productivity, innovation, and management practices; and financial frictions in international trade and investment.

Working Papers


Firm Heterogeneity and Imperfect Competition in Global Production Networks

​​November 2021. (with Hanwei Huang, Oscar Perello and Frank Pisch)


Tickets to the Global Market: First U.S. Patents and Chinese Firm Exports

April 2022. CEPR DP 18637. (with Robin Kaiji Gong, Yao Amber Li and Stephen Teng Sun)


UK Trade in the Wake of Brexit

​​April 2022. CEP DP 1847. (with Rebecca Freeman, Thomas Prayer and Thomas Sampson)

Featured in Financial Times, The Economist, BBC, SkyNews, Independent, Telegraph, Bloomberg, CEPR E-book & podcast.


Trade, Productivity, and (Mis)allocation
August 2018. CEPR DP 14203. (with Antoine Berthou, Jong Hyun Chung and Charlotte Sandoz)

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